On occasion, a designer will find themself in need of inspiration for typographical projects. Visiting a blog dedicated to the art of typography can serve as that source of inspiration, but finding a good blog to visit can be an intimidating prospect. When found, however, these shining jewels among blogs stand out quite clearly as sources of Muse.

One such blog is Typostrate. This blog immediately comes across as impressive. Scrolling horizontally between header and content are many black-and-white examples of different typographic pieces. Below this are more examples, some similar and some different, but in this case in color. The explanatory type on the blog is easily legible; the title is also legible, and attention-getting as well; and the typographic examples shown display many different forms and meanings. There is even an option for designers and typographers to submit their own typographic works to the blog. It’s a wonderful source for a variety of inspiration!

Another blog I was pleased to stumble upon is Wayfinding & Typography. The blog has very clean and easy-to-use navigation, which is a big plus. And, knowing from reading the ‘about’ section that the author of the blog is German, the minor language errors are easily excusable. The blog discusses topics such as character support for unusual characters not used in English (for example, the “capital sharp S” character, ẞ), signage, and webfonts[sic]. It’s very cool and worth a look, especially for those who consider support for other languages to be an important feature in a font, which I definitely do.

A third and final blog I would like to share is the design et typo blog. (The blog is written in French, and I did read it in French, but a link to the translated page is available for English-speakers.) An example of one interesting post on this blog is one where the author of the blog was asked to review another, younger typographer’s typo en mouvement, or “moving typography”. What’s really cool about this is the fact that the blog author was willing to review it and offer helpful input like he did. I always enjoy seeing a professional that is willing to help a younger person along and tell them not to give up. It’s really heartwarming, on top of the blog and its content being inspiring.

Of course, these aren’t the only inspiring typography blogs on the internet. When I searched for “typography blog” in a Google search, it yielded “about 25,600,000 results” in “0.25 seconds”! That’s way more than I could possibly comb through, so don’t take my word as the be-all-to-end-all of great typography blogs. Go ahead and hunt for yourself as well… But definitely check out those listed here, too. If you like my writing, then chances are you’ll like the work on those blogs as well.


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