The Fabled Second-Year Show


In the graphic design program at St. Lawrence College, there’s a yearly gallery display of second-year students’ work which is aptly called the second year show. A large variety of work done by the students is displayed in this show.

The Classical Fables project piece created by Andrea McAllister is one that stands out because it features concise fables in an eye-catching way. The color palette and style are elegant, simple, and simply pleasing to look at.

McAllister’s design process began by considering the project requirements: to use illustrations relating to classical fables and to style the display of these two fables on a classical grid, “as a fables book would”.

In a private correspondence she stated, “I chose these fables because they were simple and had GREAT morales [sic]. I’m all about life lessons.”

She based her design decisions upon whether or not it suited the classical aesthetic. She also said that it took weeks to finalize her illustrations for the right classical look.

McAllister’s biggest challenge was the cover. She overcame the challenge by following feedback she was given in critiques to improve her work.

While I was studying Andrea’s process of design for this project, it further impressed upon me the importance of accepting and following the advice given by others in critiques. Getting a second opinion will often lead you to a better final product that you might have had.

Your project will be better—and so will your satisfaction, too.


(All information and images are provided via private email correspondence between Tamarin Silver and Andrea McAllister and used here with appropriate permissions.)


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