Consulting the Masters

Before making this blog post, I watched (or, for the most part, listened to whilst making notes) an RGD video with Rita Sasges titled “3 Things I Didn’t Learn in School”, dated 1800h November 28th, 2013.

I went in with the hopes that I would just learn a few things to carry forward in my classes and on into my career after college, if possible. Then, I opened the video—and it was 41 minutes long. I was more than a little bit flabbergasted, to be sure.

The video was packed full of information, life stories, and advice. There’s too much good information to cover in detail in one blog post, so I’ll cover things in brief.

Rita talked about how to sell your ideas to a client—how you shouldn’t talk about your process work; you should talk about the client’s problem and end on your design—the solution. She stressed confidence in delivery and control of the pace being imperative to the success of your presentation. She talked about how the details and the execution of your project are the most important parts.

Rita also highlighted the advantages of making and keeping connections with colleagues who have skills in other disciplines, including the legal and accounting fields. And at the end, after a rant about her pet peeves that made me feel a little better about my own perfectionist, prone to ranting tendencies, she left on a few answered questions. These included what to do with your portfolio as a student and how to get yourself out there when looking for a design job.

All in all, I’m quite pleased in my choice of archived webinar to have spent time on. I will likely look up a few more videos when I have more time—of course, time is always the issue. I’m glad that I took the time for this video, though. 41 minutes isn’t so bad when there’s so much good information packed into it.


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