About Moi

My name is Tamarin Silver (that’s pronounced Tam-rin), and the first thing you need to know about me is that I don’t like blogging. This is because I’m introverted and paranoid. I know I have to get over it to make my way in the professional world, so I try my best to, but please respect that I have difficulty with it. Merci!

I am a gender-neutral (they/them/their pronouns) first-year student of graphic design at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, ON, Canada. My dream is to work in web- and program-interface design, with a helping of typography and decorative lettering on the side.

My personal work is published on other web mediums under a pen name that I don’t wish to divulge. All you’ll see here for the time being are blog posts I’m required to make for my college courses.

I will not do spec work. I’m sorry, but I’m really too busy to bust my hump for a project I won’t be paid for! #MyTimeHasValue!

Si vous voulez, vous pouvez écrivez-à-moi en français en plutôt de l’anglais. Je veux d’améliorer! (Mais si vous le faites, s’il vous plaît, utilisez les pronoms masculins pour moi. Merci.)


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